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SFB is the Minnesota Construction Association’s “2021 Service Provider of the Year”

SFB is the Minnesota Construction Association’s “2021 Service Provider of the Year”

SFB receives TWO awards at this year’s Gala.

The Minnesota Construction Association (MCA) held its Annual Awards of Excellence Gala on January 27th, 2021. is delighted to be the recipient of  the “Service Provider of the Year.” We have had the pleasure of collaborating with many MCA members who are leaders in their industry. We sincerely appreciate that opportunity and look forward to continued growth for MCA and its members.

SFB owner Patrick North was also recognized as the MCA “Member of the Year” at this year’s event.

The complete ceremony is available to watch on the MCA website. Congrats to all of this years winners! The team at SFB is honored by the awards and is dedicated to continue earning such recognition.

What’s in Your Marketing Toolbox?

What’s in Your Marketing Toolbox?

On a job site the right tool makes the difference between getting the job done right and wasting time.  That’s why you make sure each job site has the necessary equipment to keep your work moving forward on budget and on time.  You know it takes the right tools to get results. 

Marketing tools are as important to building your construction business as a tile saw or nail gun.  Many builders rely on word of mouth and referral to get the job done.  That’s like building a home with only a hammer and a saw.  You only get so far before you run into trouble.  To grow your construction business effectively in today’s market you need to add some of these items to your toolbox. 

  • Great Web Site – Your web site tells the story of your business.  Is your site up to date and functional or old and broken down.  Don’t make excuses for a bad site. Get it updated and make sure your site is ready to work for you. 
  • Firm Profile – Want to be a part of the conversation even before the RFP? Add a firm profile to your toolbox.  Let this high quality piece tell the story of your business even when you’re not there to do the talking. 
  • Email Marketing – Trying to build trust with prospective clients? Let email marketing do the heavy lifting.  Give your prospects the information they are looking for and stay at the top of their thinking as they plan their build.  
  • SEO – Is your business getting the attention it deserves? Effective SEO gets you noticed by putting you near the top of search engine results pages and drives traffic to your web site and your business. 
  • Social Media – Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with potential clients, increase your SEO and create a buzz about your business.  

Is your marketing toolbox up to date or is something missing?  Our team can help you fill your marketing toolbox with good stuff and grow your business online. Contact us today!

Featured Service – Copywriting

Featured Service – Copywriting

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a specialized type of writing that uses words to create an emotional connection with a reader and move them closer to a buying decision.  When done right, copywriting doesn’t feel like selling and doesn’t include hype.

It’s just a blend of good writing and enough psychology to build trust and create interest in your products and services.

Copywriting improves marketing results

Everyone loves a good story and copywriting is storytelling at its best.  A good copywriter takes the history of your business and weaves the facts into a story people engage with and enjoy.  Instead of describing the houses you build in simple terms, copywriting uses words to tell the story of a happy and comfortable family enjoying time around a fireplace or on the patio of a home you’ve built.

What does this mean for your business?  Potential clients see more than your project gallery or expertise.  They see how their lives can be improved in a building you and your team create.  Their hearts and emotions get involved in the decision and they feel increasingly comfortable working with you.

People buy with their feelings and then justify the decision with their minds.  It’s just the way we are wired.  Grab their heart and you’ll get a purchase order at the same time.

Should you hire a copywriter?

The short answer is yes.  Copywriting makes sense for you even if you (or someone on your team) is a confident writer. Why? Because of factors like time and expertise.

Think about it.  You hire skilled tradesmen on your builds, right?  You might know how to wire the electrical or set up the HVAC but chances are you don’t do it yourself.  Not only do you need to spend your time on other things, you don’t have the same level of expertise as someone who does this work all the time.  Doing it yourself will take twice as long and the quality might suffer.

Copywriting is the same way.  You’ll get a higher level of quality in less time by working with a professional.  At Sites For Builders, we understand the way great copywriting can improve your marketing results.  That’s why our team includes experienced copywriters who specialize in the construction industry.  Contact us today to learn more.

Don’t Let Your Website Hold You Back

Don’t Let Your Website Hold You Back

You are proud of the work your business does. You have an impressive portfolio, but if it never makes it on to your website, you may be losing out on business before you have an opportunity to court it.

Most potential clients, whether referred to your business or not, will review your company online before reaching out. If your website does not speak to the quality of your work and what you can do for them, they may pass you over before you even get your foot in the door.

A professional, well-maintained website tells clients you are serious about the work you do and makes them want to learn more. In contrast, an outdated website suggests that you lack attention to detail and do not have a handle on current technology.

You’re busy, but we can help highlight the work you are doing now to get more of the work you want for the future. All of our websites are responsive in design and will ensure that your website looks great on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Take advantage of our free initial consultation.

Inbound Marketing 101 – Part 4

Inbound Marketing 101 – Part 4

A four part series featuring Jenna Engel

After reading Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3, you’re pretty much an expert on Inbound Marketing, or at the very least you now know somebody that is…

…Jenna Engel, who’s here to discuss everyone’s favorite subject – R.O.I. – and to offer you a ‘blueprint’ to success:

Inbound Marketing Gets Results

Here’s how inbound methods to transform the outbound marketing you’re currently doing to accomplish some of your major marketing goals:

  1. Increase your ROI from your B2B marketing spend. In fact, our research has shown that inbound can be up to 4x more cost-effective than outbound methods.
  2. Engage prospective clients, leads, by providing solutions they’re already searching for.
  3. Measure your marketing’s effectiveness – and gauge where you should be spending more.

A change is coming for today’s businesses, and it’s starting with the marketing you’re doing. According to a 2015 study by Corporate Executive Board, prospects make approximately 60% of their buying decision prior to talking to a sales representative from any company. People are researching your services well before speaking to you directly, which means a powerful shift from outbound marketing (traditional media) to inbound marketing (organic, education-based methods) is already happening.

Do You Need a Marketing & Sales Strategy? Request a consultation with Trending Up Marketing &: Sales about a digital marketing and sales strategy today and download your FREE blueprint

A great big thank you to Jenna Engel for imparting us with her wisdom.

Let’s look back at what’s we’ve learned about Inbound Marketing: You’re customers are online, and that’s where you need to be too. In order to meet them in your online space, so you an engage with them (instead of shout at them), remember the Inbound Marketing Method: Attract, Convert, Nurture, Delight and Measure. Create a strategy by researching your target audience, clarifying your goals, analyzing your current marketing plan as well as your game plan to improve it, design content designed to attract, convert, and close, and educate your sales team on your new strategy. It’s not simple, but it will be worth it… and we can help.

If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to start transforming your marketing plan, Contact us today!