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On a job site the right tool makes the difference between getting the job done right and wasting time.  That’s why you make sure each job site has the necessary equipment to keep your work moving forward on budget and on time.  You know it takes the right tools to get results. 

Marketing tools are as important to building your construction business as a tile saw or nail gun.  Many builders rely on word of mouth and referral to get the job done.  That’s like building a home with only a hammer and a saw.  You only get so far before you run into trouble.  To grow your construction business effectively in today’s market you need to add some of these items to your toolbox. 

  • Great Web Site – Your web site tells the story of your business.  Is your site up to date and functional or old and broken down.  Don’t make excuses for a bad site. Get it updated and make sure your site is ready to work for you. 
  • Firm Profile – Want to be a part of the conversation even before the RFP? Add a firm profile to your toolbox.  Let this high quality piece tell the story of your business even when you’re not there to do the talking. 
  • Email Marketing – Trying to build trust with prospective clients? Let email marketing do the heavy lifting.  Give your prospects the information they are looking for and stay at the top of their thinking as they plan their build.  
  • SEO – Is your business getting the attention it deserves? Effective SEO gets you noticed by putting you near the top of search engine results pages and drives traffic to your web site and your business. 
  • Social Media – Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with potential clients, increase your SEO and create a buzz about your business.  

Is your marketing toolbox up to date or is something missing?  Our team can help you fill your marketing toolbox with good stuff and grow your business online. Contact us today!