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A four part series featuring Jenna Engel

After reading Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3, you’re pretty much an expert on Inbound Marketing, or at the very least you now know somebody that is…

…Jenna Engel, who’s here to discuss everyone’s favorite subject – R.O.I. – and to offer you a ‘blueprint’ to success:

Inbound Marketing Gets Results

Here’s how inbound methods to transform the outbound marketing you’re currently doing to accomplish some of your major marketing goals:

  1. Increase your ROI from your B2B marketing spend. In fact, our research has shown that inbound can be up to 4x more cost-effective than outbound methods.
  2. Engage prospective clients, leads, by providing solutions they’re already searching for.
  3. Measure your marketing’s effectiveness – and gauge where you should be spending more.

A change is coming for today’s businesses, and it’s starting with the marketing you’re doing. According to a 2015 study by Corporate Executive Board, prospects make approximately 60% of their buying decision prior to talking to a sales representative from any company. People are researching your services well before speaking to you directly, which means a powerful shift from outbound marketing (traditional media) to inbound marketing (organic, education-based methods) is already happening.

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A great big thank you to Jenna Engel for imparting us with her wisdom.

Let’s look back at what’s we’ve learned about Inbound Marketing: You’re customers are online, and that’s where you need to be too. In order to meet them in your online space, so you an engage with them (instead of shout at them), remember the Inbound Marketing Method: Attract, Convert, Nurture, Delight and Measure. Create a strategy by researching your target audience, clarifying your goals, analyzing your current marketing plan as well as your game plan to improve it, design content designed to attract, convert, and close, and educate your sales team on your new strategy. It’s not simple, but it will be worth it… and we can help.

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