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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a specialized type of writing that uses words to create an emotional connection with a reader and move them closer to a buying decision.  When done right, copywriting doesn’t feel like selling and doesn’t include hype.

It’s just a blend of good writing and enough psychology to build trust and create interest in your products and services.

Copywriting improves marketing results

Everyone loves a good story and copywriting is storytelling at its best.  A good copywriter takes the history of your business and weaves the facts into a story people engage with and enjoy.  Instead of describing the houses you build in simple terms, copywriting uses words to tell the story of a happy and comfortable family enjoying time around a fireplace or on the patio of a home you’ve built.

What does this mean for your business?  Potential clients see more than your project gallery or expertise.  They see how their lives can be improved in a building you and your team create.  Their hearts and emotions get involved in the decision and they feel increasingly comfortable working with you.

People buy with their feelings and then justify the decision with their minds.  It’s just the way we are wired.  Grab their heart and you’ll get a purchase order at the same time.

Should you hire a copywriter?

The short answer is yes.  Copywriting makes sense for you even if you (or someone on your team) is a confident writer. Why? Because of factors like time and expertise.

Think about it.  You hire skilled tradesmen on your builds, right?  You might know how to wire the electrical or set up the HVAC but chances are you don’t do it yourself.  Not only do you need to spend your time on other things, you don’t have the same level of expertise as someone who does this work all the time.  Doing it yourself will take twice as long and the quality might suffer.

Copywriting is the same way.  You’ll get a higher level of quality in less time by working with a professional.  At Sites For Builders, we understand the way great copywriting can improve your marketing results.  That’s why our team includes experienced copywriters who specialize in the construction industry.  Contact us today to learn more.