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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your web site to the top of search results in Google and other search engines.  Basically, it’s making sure your site is one of the first ones someone finds when they look for construction companies in your area.  SEO is part science and part art, meaning it can be difficult to understand and implement.

Good use of your marketing money?

Investing in SEO is good for your construction business over the long haul, but only as a part of an overall marketing strategy. The higher your web site appears in search engine results the more people who will click your link and visit your web site.  It’s up to your web site design and content to do the rest.  Good SEO provides traffic to your page – that’s all.

Improving your SEO

So, how do you get your builder site near the top of search results pages?  Start by determining the words and phrases your customers use to look for a business like yours.  For example, if you are a residential home builder phrases like “home builder” or “custom home builder” make sense for your business.  As a small business, you’ll want to focus on improving your ranking in the 4-6 most common searches.  These searches are your keywords for SEO purposes.

Keywords are the science.  Optimization is the art.  There’s a lot that goes into optimization and the search engines don’t make it easy.  Rules change frequently, making it difficult to find a balance that works.  A basic strategy starts with a modern web site design that uses your keywords in the content and links to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Frequently updated content from a blog or news feed are part of a winning strategy as well.

We understand the science of SEO and we’re pretty good with the smoke and mirrors as well. Contact us today and let us create an SEO strategy for your business so you can get back to work?