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Think you can ignore social media and grow your business? Not so fast. Social media is becoming the word-of-mouth referral source of the marketplace.  According to a survey conducted by The Construction Marketing Association, 97% of construction professionals are active on social media.

Let that statistic rattle around in your brain for a minute.  97% is a big number and it means your competitors and your customers are getting social.  If that doesn’t motivate you we’re not sure what will.

The construction industry has joined the social media bandwagon. Your competition is tweeting, blogging, posting and commenting. They are connecting with residential clients, potential commercial buyers and prospective customers.  What do they know that you don’t?

Consider this:

  • YouTube is one of the world’s most popular search engines. People look for video to help them pick a contractor, plan a build and consider a remodeling project.
  • Photos and images are shared on Facebook, pinned on Pinterest and tweeted to friends at nearly the speed of light – driving potential customers back to builder websites.
  • Commercial builders who make a connection on LinkedIn or Twitter are top of mind during the initial RFP process.

Do we have your attention? Good.  Construction is getting social and so should you. 

Connecting with your customers and potential customer via social media is easier than you think.  Our experts can give you the inside scoop and show you how to make social work for your company.  Contact us today!