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Clear up-front pricing, is that so much to ask for?

Image of a chalkboard that adds up fees, service plan and A'la carteNot with Sites For Builders. We pride ourselves on standing behind the quality of our work and the tremendous value we deliver. Our pricing structure is clear, up-front and tailored to you. Our clients have different needs in relation to their marketing communications. Some have an established brand, some don’t even have a logo. Some want and aggressive SEO campaign, some don’t even care to know what that means. That’s how we like. We are cool with wherever you’re at and will tailor our services to meet your goals. Get all the talent and services you need, without paying for those you don’t. Sweet huh?



Move right ahead of the looky-loos and into our production queue. You know the difference between someone kicking tires and poking around for estimates vs someone who is serious about getting started. So do we. Our Initial Set Up Fee is tailored to your company’s specific needs and gets you onto our Fast Track.


Structures aren’t built in your office. The magic happens on location at the job site. Grab a lot and some power and you’re ready to get to work. No power, no construction. Just like you, our work happens at a real web address on a real server. We offer three Service Plans and will help you choose the plan that’s best for you.


No two projects are the same. You might start with a spec, but before long you’re adding high end finishes, custom woodwork or more square footage. Take a look at your options. Get some ideas for what you want and then let’s have a conversation about making it happen.

“They were accommodating and flexible throughout the web design process. If we needed time, they were patient; if we needed help, they were available. This was my first redesign, and I couldn’t have asked for things to turn out better. I would happily recommend SFB to anyone.”
- Alyx, SJTW


Sometimes getting a project done is as simple as getting information to right people. We have packed up a highlight reel of our services into this brochure. Feel free to download and share it with the decision makers in your life.

SFB Overview Brochure (2021 KB)